• Trener personalny Pszczyna

    Every success starts from the first step.

    Excercise, work and change with FTN

  • Trener osobisty Pszczyna

    Today you will do what other's won't, so tomorrow you can have what other's want.

    Excercise, work and change with FTN


  • Marcin Fuchs – Personal Trainer

    My knowledge, experience and skills concerning methods of trainings as well as nutrition I achieved during trainings at RockFit Academy. Couple of years of working on my body at the gym and self-sacriface help me to succeed. Of course, I won't stop at this point - I'm still moving forward. I'm a positive person and I like to enthuse and motivate other people. I don`t like to flannel and I always name things as they really are.

    The atmosphere during my personal trainings is incredible! I'm sure it will motivate you to work hard. The problem with setting up training goals or picking right diet are not your business anymore! With my help you will finally achieve yours resolutions.

    If you dream about nice body, better condition and if you want to change floppy shoulders together with pot belly - don't wait anymore. Whatever the weather, the moment to start is always right! The schedule and difficulty level are personalized.

  • Your goal is my goal!

    From this moment, your goal is our goal!

    Direct contact and common work will succeed in a short time and every next training will get you closer to your goals!

    I guarantee that exercises will be doing in a right and safe way. You will not have to worry how to do an exercise, how long should it take to make a break between rounds and even how you should breathe. These very important things are ignored during trainings on your own but it plays a big role. Human body is like a machine and it needs energy substrates in various forms.

Marcin Fuchs
Trening Pszczyna


Fitness Pszczyna Fit Pszczyna

Functional Training

Improvement of mobility and stability

Zdrowie Pszczyna Aerobik Pszczyna

Aerobic Training

Perfect for burning calories

TRX Pszczyna Kettlebells Pszczyna

TRX and Kettlebell Training

Improvement of muscle coordination and ynamic stabilization thanks to bodyweight exercises

Forma Pszczyna Bieg Pszczyna

Shape and building

muscle mass training


Introductory Training

Hour / 0 PLN

  • 1 Training / 0 PLN

Training FIT

1 Hour / 80 PLN

  • Personalised Training

Silver Fit

450 PLN

  • 6 trainings

Gold Fit

750 PLN

  • 10 trainings

Take your friend with you and pay less! Additional discounts for training carnet!


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